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Geotextile and Geomembrane

Shandong Huisen Textiles Co., Ltd provides the most complete range of geotextiles fabric and geomembrane for the most demanding applications, with the highest quality, safety, and performance.


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About Us

Huisen(Shandong Huisen textiles co., Ltd) is a collection of product research, development, production, installation, and after-sales service into a comprehensive high-tech enterprise. The company mainly produces various specifications, geotextiles fabric, composite geomembrane, HDPE geomembrane, bentonite waterproof blanket,  composite drainage net, and all kinds of geotechnical with a wide range of specifications.

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Regardless of your role and business scale, HUISEN strives to provide in-depth geotextile support and true values that you really need.

Qualified Specialists

We employ the best geotextiles fabric and geomenbrane experts to participate in the design and evaluation of geosynthetics to provide you with first-class products.

Industry Pioneer

We make geotextiles fabric for a wide range of industry, with the largest range selection of product series, and the most flexible custom item you could wish for.


HUISEN has been in this industry for over 15 years. This wealth of experience and know-how allows us to provide reliable service and maintenance support.

Our Products

Shandong Huisen Textiles Co., Ltd is a comprehensive geosynthetic service provider as well as solution provider integrating Engineering design, manufacturing, installation, guarantee in the Anti-Seepage control industry.

Our advantages

HUISEN is dedicated to outputting reassuring quality throughout the whole geotextiles fabric and geomembrane manufacturing process. For this is the core value of Huisen to be responsible for both our customers, employees and the environment.

Powerful factory

HUISEN factory occupies an area of 50,000 square meters; meanwhile, it has 15 internationally advanced production lines, The leading geomembranes and geosynthetics developer, manufacturer, wholesaler, and exporter since 2002.

One-stop manufacturer

The main products of our company include geomembrane, geotextiles fabric, composite drainage net, and other products. Huisen provide one-stop solution for all your geomembranes and geosynthetic lining products and services.

Worldwide business

Our customer projects including aquaculture (fishponds, shrimp ponds), water conservancy (canals, dam), environmental protection (landfill sites, sewage treatment), mining (heap leaching ponds, tailings), agriculture (water reservoirs), and many other projects, customer satisfaction are 100%. Over the pass years, Huisen has served over 60 countries including UK, USA, Indonesia, Philippines, Thailand, Singapore, etc.

Successful Cases

Geotextiles fabric is a new type of building material made from synthetic materials that is used in water protection projects. Geotextile material is widely used in various fields of water management, roads, railways, ports, construction and other projects.

Consistent Reliable and Sustainable Quality

Huisen is dedicated to outputting reassuring quality throughout the whole geotextile and geomembrane manufacturing process. For this is the core value of Huisen to be responsible for both our customers and the environment.