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Our vision is to build a respected international geosynthetics company, and we will design every product and process in our business with a strong international market in mind.


We design and manufacture geosynthetics to provide materials for construction activities to our customers. We are committed to partnering with our customers to grow together and provide quality products and services.


We aim to deliver clear proposals to our customers, integrated solutions that work and powerful partnerships with suppliers and customers. Huisen will always deliver what we promise and do the proper thing.

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Huisen is a china based geotextile company that specializes in the manufacturing of geotextile, geomembrane, geosynthetic clay liner and composite drainage net. We are a well-developed firm with a self-owned geotextile factory with more than 500 employees. Here, we aim to provide high-quality geotextile with a variety of geosynthetics with good water permeability.

Huisen presents the most innovative design and packaging services, according to our clients’ needs and demands. Moreover, we offer fast shipping and flexible warehouse facilities. Our professional team works with extreme care with full- time availability.

We work to see a more profitable and higher quality geosynthetics supply. We work to help geotechnical work to carry out guaranteed work that is more clear and efficient, so we don’t consume more than our share of the world’s resource. 

What Makes Us Different?

Quality Manufacturing

The company’s expertise determines the quality of its products, and Huisen specializes in producing high-quality geosynthetics, each of which is carefully designed and developed by our in-house team.

Lead Geosynthetics Factory

The foundation of  Huisen factory is different from other medical equipment factories. The story behind the settlement of our factory is worth reading and quite inspiring for our customers.

High-Quality Product & Experienced

Huisen offers a complete specialty construction fabrics series to help improve cost efficiency, prepare for emerging technologies, and provide practical solutions to eyery customer.

Corporate Social Responsibility

The sustainability of our products is a core value and a developmental perspective for Huisen. Based on this, we expect to produce products that will last long, satisfy our customers and our employees.