Social Responsibility

Social, Economic and Environmental Responsibilities

As a responsible corporate, Huisen acknowledges the geotextile manufacturer’s  role and duty to improve and create sustainable solutions for the community’s most pressing needs related to employees and environment. We are committed to :

Employer Responsibility
Employee Happiness

As a comprehensive high-tech factory, we want our employees to feel happy during the production process. As an employer, we can do more than simply provide jobs, we must actively seek for the happiness and development of our employees. To this end, Huisen provides our employees with a comfortable working environment, adequate rest periods, and safe and harmless production materials. At the same time, we hold frequent employee events to make employees feel happy and at the same time enhance their sense of belonging and identification with Huisen.

Environmental Responsibility
Sustainable Development Principles

Huisen products must be sustainable, from both a health and environment perspective. Our designers, product developers and technicians take into account safety, quality and environmental impact at every stage of the new product’s development.

Huisen works actively to reduce waste in manufacturing. Where possible, waste from one manufacturing process should be used in the production of other items. We attempt to repair products rather than simply discarding them. These products are treated the same standard as others and will not cause any inconvenient while using.

Production Responsibility
Quality Product

Huisen adheres to the business tenet of “quality is life, innovation, excellence”, organizes production in strict accordance with national standards or relevant standards, and has advanced means of quality supervision and testing ISO9001 quality system certification.

As a supplier we provide clients durable geotextile, geomembrane and commercial goods. With over 10 years of wholesale and retail distribution experience our continued goal is providing consistent, and reliable delivery on every order with easy to work with customer service staff.

Huisen Mission And Vision

Huisen’s goal is to become a world-class company dedicated to providing our customers with comprehensive, reliable, and high-quality services and solutions, meeting the needs of people to increase their quality of life.Huisen mission:

  • To be responsible for the environment;
  • To provide customers with more than expected services;
  • To be responsible for ourselves and our families.