Best 5 Geomembrane manufacturers in 2022

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Today we will recommend the 5 best geomembrane manufacturers in 2022. Before that, let’s know more about Geomembrane.

What is Geomembrane?

A geomembrane is a very low permeability synthetic membrane liner or barrier used with any geotechnical engineering-related material so as to control fluid (or gas) migration in a human-made project, structure, or system. Geomembranes are made from relatively thin continuous polymeric sheets, but they can also be made from the impregnation of geotextiles with asphalt, elastomer, or polymer sprays, or as multilayered bitumen geocomposites. Continuous polymer sheet geomembranes are, by far, the most common.

What is Geomembrane used for?

Geomembranes are impermeable geosynthetics that, until recently, were mainly used as canal and pond liners. However, modern technology has broadened liner applications to include landfills, wastewater treatment lagoons, oil and gas exploration (including hydraulic fracturing or “fracking”), aquaculture, irrigation ponds, and remediation. In many of these applications, a nonwoven geotextile is used as a cushion to protect the geomembrane. In general, geomembrane liners offer excellent puncture resistance and can withstand a wide range of chemicals and temperatures. They are also highly flexible and conform well to the subgrade.

What is the difference between geotextile and geomembrane?

Geomembrane is made of high-density polyethylene, which is used to prevent seepage, while the geotextile is made of non-woven fabric. Geotextile is a permeable geosynthetic material made of synthetic fibers through needle punching or weaving. It is mainly used in roads, railways, water conservancy, large buildings, etc. Geomembrane is a plastic film, which is used in roads, railways, water conservancies, large buildings, power plant ash dam construction, soil and water conservation, etc.

How much does Geomembrane cost?

In one case, the cost of the geomembrane CQA only was around  US$20,000 per hectare ($8,500 per acre). Electrical leak location surveys for geomembrane liners typically cost US$3,500 to US$6,000 per hectare ($1,500 to $2,500 per acre).

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5 Best Geomembrane manufacturers in 2022

  • Huisen Textiles
  • Solmax International.
  • AGRU America, Inc.
  • Atarfil, S. L.
  • Raven Industries.

Introduction of Huisen Textiles

Geomembrane manufacturers

Huisen is a china-based geotextile company that specializes in the manufacturing of geotextile, geomembrane, geosynthetic clay liner, and composite drainage net. They are a well-developed firm with a self-owned geotextile factory with more than 500 employees. They aim to provide high-quality geotextiles with a variety of geosynthetics with good water permeability. Huisen presents the most innovative design and packaging services.Their professional team works with extreme care with full-time availability.

Where to buy Geomembrane in 2022?

There are many Geomembrane manufacturers in the world. But the best place is in China. China factories own sophisticated manufacturing and management experience, as well as the rich techniques accumulated in the long history, Yet due to the high human resource cost and corporation running cost, geotextile fabric manufactured by them are so costly that many buyers from developing areas need to make great efforts to afford them or even can’t burst out such ideas. China is the right place to turn to. If you intend to purchase a cost-effective geotextile fabric, you can contact Huisen Geotextile Fabric Company. This company can supply high-quality geotextile fabric and geomembrane at a competitive price.

Specifications about Huisen Geomembrane

WarrantyMore than 5 years
After-sale ServiceOnline Technical Support, Onsite Installation, Onsite Training, Onsite Inspection, Free spare parts, Return and Replacement
Project Solution Capabilitygraphic design, 3D model design, total solution for projects, Cross Categories Consolidation, Others
Applicationfish farm pond liner
Design StyleAsian
Place of OriginShandong China
Product NameHDPE Geomembrane
Brand NameHuisen(geomembrane mannfacturer)
Model NumberGH-2s
ApplicationLandfill, Dam, Pond Liner, FishPond, Aquaculture, Mining, Reservoir, Wastewater Treatment System, etc.
PaymentT/T,L/C,D/A,D/P,Western Uoion 
PackageWoven Bags. Keep it away from fire

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